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12-08-2012, 05:11 PM
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Originally Posted by JRull86 View Post
Agree about the D needing to get healthy.

Cutler however I completely disagree on. Yeah QBR wise he might not be awful, but he's not great. I know he's the best thing you guys have had at QB in years and that's great, but you're over stating his worth IMO. The fact is the guy has 15 turnovers. He's okay to good in wins and against mediocre to bad teams, he's horrible against good teams.

Look at his games against GB and Houston this year, THAT is who Jay Cutler is to me, even if the GB game is a bit of an extreme.

I personally think he is mediocre, and it'll probably show itself in on WC weekend. For your sake I hope I'm wrong.
Considering he suffered a concussion and stayed in game with symptoms throwing another pick the Texan game is sorta not good to judge

And against the Packers ,, Yep he was awful (He always is vs Packers)

And Cutler was much better against the Seahawks D then Tom Brady so the claim he struggles vs good D's is a bit over the top.. Cutler struggles badly vs Don Capers ,,,, Capers destroys Cutler

Vs several other quality defenses over years he has been very good (At end of day though he is 1-6 as Bears starter vs Capers GB d)

We will have to agree to disagree about Cutler's worth ,,, Guy is most important part of Bears

Without him at QB they are awful offensively and lose ,, Look at last year's collapse to see how important he is

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