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12-08-2012, 05:18 PM
Ho Borvat
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Originally Posted by New Liskeard View Post
So these points have not been discussed, and tabled in CBA discusions? There are many quotes from major media soources on these points. If you want to hold out hope that this things will not be part of the CBA, then good luck to you. If you dont believe for one minute, cost certainty, a reduction in over all cap, reduction of contract length and variance in cap hit will not be addessed then you havent been paying attention. I look forward to your post once that CBA has been released, but by all means hold on to false hope if it helps you sleep at night, and not acknowledge the facts.
If the new CBA does something to lower Luongos value I will fully acknowledge it.

But they cant even agree how many players/owners sit in a room at a given time... And yet you are certain they will do all the things you mentioned?

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