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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
Yes and no. The idea behind the radius is a narrower hollow results in a deeper edge, but really the deepness depends on how many times the blade is passed through the stone. This picture shows it perfectly

So yes you're measuring how deep the cut is but it also effects how wide the cut is as well.

Another picture to elaborate:

your second picture illustrates my point. skate hollow (sharpness) is the radius of the circle, hence why another name is Radius of hollow. doesnt matter if your blade is one inch or 3 inches wide if the radius is still a 1/2 inch

oh and i used to manage a CIS team, one goalie liked his skates at 3/8th, and the other as close to 1/4 as we could get them. the shop i worked in also sharpened goalie skates at sharper than 1/2

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