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Burnside on what went down.

Junk Example 1
Fehr came to the media Thursday night and went on and on about how close he thought they were to a deal, when he had to know that the owners were going to reject the proposal because it didnít meet their three areas of concern. The league asked for a yes-or-no answer from the playersí association on three pivotal issues: capping contracts at five years, a 10-year term for a new CBA and no buyouts or caps on escrow as part of the transition to a new deal. Instead of responding as the league asked, the union tried to negotiate those issues. Forget whether those issues are valid or not. Fehrís act with players in attendance was shameful, a blatant attempt to paint the owners as the villains who walked away with a deal in the offing. It simply wasnít true. Have to wonder what Sidney Crosby, a major player in these talks and one of the reasons for the rush of optimism that attached itself to talks earlier in the week, thought about the sad little drama that played out in a Manhattan hotel Thursday. Those are the kinds of petty stunts that can quickly erode a leaderís base of support.

Junk Example 2
There is no doubt that someone from the ownersí side told the players that if they wanted to bring Fehr back to the table after a couple of days of promising talks with just owners and players in the room, it was a potential deal-breaker. The league can spin how it went down, but it is clear such a message was conveyed to the players and there is no excuse for that. The owners may hate Fehr, and itís clear he has got under the skin of the ownership group, but suck it up. Heís their guy and, if thereís a deal to be had here, it will be with Fehr at the table. The continued efforts to hack away at Fehrís credibility with the players only galvanizes a membership that is mostly desperate to play hockey again. Another example of the leagueís failed strategy.
The owners are being idiots 1st. Almost like a shady detective trying to get a suspect to sign off on a confession without his attorney.

Fehr compounds this with a cheap publicity stunt. The owners fire back by rejecting the PA's offer via VM, during his presser I might add. I don't think any of this is a coincidence. Both sides are idiots and care more about their egos than getting this solved.

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