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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
That's great but where is the context?

Who else was on that unit?

Which Dman shadowed Forseberg

Was Coffey ever used this way again is was it a 1 time 6 game thing?

How does 1-3-4 in 6 GP at ES match up with the rest of Joe's career?

Other top playoff performers during the same time?

The observation was thrown out there but there isn't a heck of a lot to conclude but I would venture that most superstar's ES line in the playoffs is well below a PPG.
Lidstrom was on the unit. He was burned several times by playing against his strengths, including instances of taking the wrong man physically and attempting to force a turnover at center ice in overtime. This series of his had been discussed before. He had a strong offensive game without Coffey in Game 3, but was scoreless otherwise and often victimized. Hence the -6 despite being the defensive partner of Coffey - who broke even.

Konstantinov shadowed Forsberg, but Forsberg did break away from that matchup for one of his highlight goals in Game 6. You know... the one between Lidstrom's legs.

I don't recall if Coffey was used like that before.

Joe Sakic was coming off of 13 goals in 12 games going into that series. Coffey finished with 5 points to Sakic's 6 in their head-to-head games (Coffey was injured).

Other top playoff performers? In 1996? Granted, Chicago put Chelios on Forsberg, but it's not like Joe Sakic wasn't the biggest threat from the Avalanche. Maybe Ozolinsh, if he's pinching.

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