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Originally Posted by FerrisRox View Post
Yeah, all Francis did was take the Hurricanes from bottom-feeder status to winning their division the season he signed with them then captained them to the Stanley Cup finals in 2002. How can that compete with Joseph? That crappy Hall of Famer only led the 'Canes in scoring twice in his five full seasons there. He's such a loser he only finished 2nd in team scoring twice too. What a let down.

And really, how could anybody pretend that Brett Hull, who joined the Stars and gave them a legitmate scoring winger (their best the year before was the long in the tooth Pat Verbeek) was somehow better or more impactful then CuJo? All Dallas got for their investment in the future Hall of Famer was 32 goals (in just 60 games) and a Cup winning tally bringing the franchise their first drink from Lord Stanley's mug. Pfffft, as if any of that matters when you compare it to the Leafs getting to the semi-finals. The second year of Hull's contract in Dallas saw them again advance to the Stanley Cup Final and all Hull did was lead the entire league in playoff scoring. That's great and everything, but it's not as good as Joseph who won *2* games in the quarter finals before the Leafs bowed out. I mean, what kind of idiot would think Hull's crappy "leading the league in playoff scoring" while wearing his cup ring from the season before would somehow be better than Joseph beating the Devils twice in the Quarter Finals?

Do you have any idea how stupid your argument sounds? Do you even care?
Originally Posted by FerrisRox View Post
Is this a joke? Hull was a supporting piece in Dallas? He was their leading scoring winger each season he played there. He scored their Stanley Cup game winner. He led the entire league in playoff scoring in 2000. What the hell are you talking about?

And Ron Francis didn't do much at all? He was the captain of a Stanley Cup finalist. How does Joseph stack up against that? In 1999, he led the Hurricanes in scoring. Captaining the team and leading them in scoring isn't "doing much at all?" In 2001, he was two points shy of leading them in scoring again, and in 2002, he was again their leading scorer, and he led the team to the Stanley Cup final. To suggest this "isn't much at all" or that he's a supporting piece is essentially you just admitting that you have no clue what you are talking about.

I'm not taking away anything from Curtis Joseph. He was my favorite Maple Leaf of the past twenty years. But what he did in Toronto is nothing compared to what Hull and Francis - two Hall of Famers - accomplished in Dallas and Carolina, and to pretend he was "by far the best free agent of 1998" has to come from someone that doesn't remember the summer of 1998. Joseph sat around unsigned for two weeks after free agency began. The aforementioned players were highly sought after and teams with goaltending needs were focused on Mike Richter, who the Predators had no chance of signing so he was on the market. After Richter re-upped in New York, teams were kicking the tired on Joseph and John Vanbiesbrouck. Pretending that Cujo was somehow the crown jewel of that class is simply revisionist history.
It may interest you to know that in the 2 years after that UFA season, Joseph was twice runner-up for the Vezina Trophy, a finalist for the Lester B. Pearson Award, won the King Clancy Memorial Trophy and finished 4th and 11th in Hart trophy voting (neither Hull nor Francis got a single vote - though they had teammates who did).

So yes, it is quite reasonable to say Joseph was the best UFA signed from that class.

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