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Originally Posted by octopi View Post
A major sport has impact on the local economy? You don't say. I feel sorry for the people that are losing work due to being arena employees who won't work as many days or being restauraunt bar/employees whose hours are cut. However, as far as Christmas goes, maybe it's time to scale back a bit. The commercials I see these days suggest you should be out buying new cars and diamond jewelery for your friends and family. Frivolous much?
Yeah, I hate it. During Avalanche games around Christmas they play commercials from Lexus and Cadillac about buying cars like that for people as gifts. Worst part is some of them are downright mean spirited about it, like you're not a real person if you can't buy a Lexus or Cadillac for your spouse for Christmas.

All the advertising that happens during Avalanche games is for really expensive or high class versions of normal stuff. It goes to show how they think of hockey fans as nothing but cash cows that can be endlessly milked, all while they raise ticket prices by about 10% each season and force their bread and butter fans right out of the arena seats.

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