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12-08-2012, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Eskimo44 View Post
Copper and Blue is a fan site and not what i was reffering to, also it includes all players under the age of 25 (so it includes NHLers). Basically it's an entirely different ranking altogether, so nice try. But since you brought it up you would probably be interested in how they currently rank him:

He's ranked 5th on the team behind only Hall, Nuge, Yakupov, Eberle. He's ahead of Schultz (although that will change) and Gagner. Two writers actually ranked him in the top 5. One had him at 3 and another at 4. 6th is his very worst ranking by any writer. Petry's writeup is here:

So refrencing the Copper and Blue really isn't going to help your argument as A. They are either as high on him as i am or even higher and B. It's not even the same ****ing thing as i brought up.

HFboards means nothing what a useless thing to bring up. Also when i talked about his prospect ranking you have to realize he was drafted in 06. We all know as soon as Hall was drafted he was number 1 and Eberle 2. However Hall was drafted a full 4 years after Petry. It was during this time that Petry and Eberle were constantly battling it out for the teams top prospect nomination.

Hockey's future, finally a good source. He actually was ranked 1 and 2 at various times by Hockey's future. This is in fact what i was reffering too. Also the Pipeline show in Edmonton consistently refrenced him as one of the teams top prospects, if not the top prospect. Also in Edmonton we have these things called "newspapers" and often times in theses "newspapers" they would have writeups and rankings of various prospects. Believe it or not this is how most people in Edmonton used to follow prospect development, and many of them did in fact rank Petry very high. Not to mention the fact that the organization has been very high on him for years.

2009 is your earliest source you bring up, yet that's 3 years after he was drafted. Perhaps you out to look a little deeper before condeming my comments. When you ignore 3 years, refrence comparisons of a different type (that C&B link is an entirely different comparison to refrence), and then hilariously try and use an HF poll to prove me wrong it's time to think things out a little deeper i would suggest. Serioulsy he was ranked behind a 1st overall, CHL player of the year, and a WC all star who was 19 years old, as well as an international star who all at that time where considered top young talents in your HFboards source. Clearly he must be awful.

But i saved the best for last. Here this is for you:

Guess who's number 1?

Guess what? Number 1 again.

So yeah i wasn't full of it, he was a top prospect for us. Believe it or not he went down the rankings when we drafted high multiple years in a row. Getting guys like Hall (1st overall), Eberle (CHL player of the year and NHL All Star), Paajarvi (top ranked European forward from his draft year), Gagner (high pick with an excellent 18 year old season) pushed him down the list but it never made him a worse player. So next time you call BS on me bring facts and common sense to the table, not to mention appropriate sources.
I thought we would use noncurrent rankings seeing as he isn't a prospect anymore. But fine. You can use that ranking as proof of his prospect rankings. I apologize, too, for not using old rankings that weren't right before he made the jump into the NHL, as those don't accurately show how he was thought of when he joined the NHL. For example, the Blues top prospects have included Mike Glumac, Marek Schwarz, Hannu Toivenen, and Peter Sejna. Not exactly world beaters. Usually they were downgraded before joining the NHL. Admittedly, he was still at 4th on the last ranking he was on. I couldn't find the rankings from 2008, or earlier, when I googled them. Either way, it shows a rather consistent drop in the rankings, at least from the top spot. He was consistently in the top 5. Hall and Gagner were both only in the rankings at most twice, as they immediately jumped into the NHL and thus graduated. Eberle started behind Petry. As did Omark and Peckham, who had jumped him in fall of 2009. No matter, the rankings aren't infallible, but from what I can tell, after 2008, he wasn't considered a top 2 prospect in Edmonton.

Either way, his consideration as one of the better prospects for Edmonton doesn't mean much to me when compared to Shattenkirk. He has never performed on the offensive level of Shattenkirk, who was considered the premier prospect for the Avalanche for all of 2009 and 2010. I don't know how we got into this pissing match, but I people predicting Petry would be producing at an equal or greater level than Shattenkirk did is silly.

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