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Originally Posted by Darcy Regier View Post
Forsberg and Grigorenko were picked within one spot of eachother. Grigorenko and Yakupov were a unamious two horse race into April. If anything the margin between Galchenyuk and Grigorenko is much closer than the Poll would indicate. Also where someone is picked in the draft isnt all that important to me because all it takes is one team liking a player alittle more. 30 teams could have a player in there top 5 but that player could still end up going at 15 if the teams like one guy just alittle more. At the time it was hard to believe Koekkoek, Trouba, and to some extend Lindholm and Pouliot were picked before Forsberg and Grigorenko. We will see how it turns out for those teams. For what its worth Sabres head scout Devine was asked before the draft who he thought had a good chance to become a 1 center and he said Grigorenko is the closest they see to a 1 center and that a few other guys were in the discussion. Some scouts loved him some were not so high. At the end of the day these are 18 year olds who have along way to go still and we are at minimun 5 years away from knowing who the best is. Grigorenko has the best tool set, Galchenyuk has the most complete game with great offensive instincts, and Forsberg looks to be a promising foward (havent seen alot outside of WJR)
I would say Forsberg is the most complete player but has the least potential. Galchenyuk has a pretty big toolset too. Shot, vision, passing, speed and hands while being better all-around than Grigorenko. Grigo does have size, hands and shot on his side but is very 1 dimensional.

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