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12-08-2012, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
You go the games, who pays for the arena? It's staff that sell the merchandise? Who pays for the merchandise to be made? Who fly's the players from city to city so everyone can see them? Who pays the players to actually play? Who pays for the training equipment? Seems to me with out the owners first putting up money there wouldn't be a league for you to watch these players but I am sure the players "love" of the game would set all of this up right?
Expenditures are a part of business. That's still being made back or supposed to be made back if the business is being run properly. There's nothing an owner does that isn't measured in dollars. I don't care about dollars, I care about hockey.

I don't recall my team's owner trying a game with 6 seconds left. I don't recall my teams owner getting a 40 save shutout. I don't recall my team's owner breaking his leg to block a shot. Matter of fact I don't even recall seeing the owner at a game this year.

The game. That's what matters to me, not signing checks. Yeah the owners are necessary. That doesn't mean I'm gonna be on their side when they shut down a game they don't play and don't care about beyond their bottom line.

I'm sure the Rangers owner knows how much Brian Boyle makes every year. I'm willing to bet he doesn't know what position he plays.

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