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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
I find it funny... the very, very small amount of players that anonymously say stuff like this are never in any of the meetings, never reaching out to be more informed about what's happening, and then make comments based on what he says to the media.
How do you know they aren't in meetings? How do you know they aren't reaching out to be more informed? If I posted that these guys are a majority and that Fehr refused to keep them informed, you would call BS, but you choose to post assumptions based on nothing of fact.

It's very likely he said that for bargaining leverage... I mean the PA offered 8 years with a 6 year buyout... 2 years less than the NHL's proposal. Clearly they aren't that concerned about a short term CBA, yet if they say that they lose leverage to claim agreeing to a 10 year CBA is a concession. This is basic bargaining.
Sorry, but the opt out shows what the PA truly is offering. The NHL wants 10 years to have stability and the Fehrs (errr, "PA") wants 6 to be able to try to make another money grab as soon as possible.

Fehr makes Bettman look like a loveable guy whose only concern is the fans, even at the expense of his bosses. Fehr has a well earned reputation as someone who looks out for himself first, the big names in his union second and the sport dead last. As long as he hurts a league bad he is happy, anything else is failure in his mind.

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