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12-08-2012, 07:21 PM
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Originally Posted by McSkittlez View Post
Finally got my SMG diamond camo last night. It took forever but it was worth it. It looks pretty sick. I'm going to try assault rifles now.

I hate how so many people use C4s, bouncing betties, and claymores added with a combination of shock charges. I can handle the bouncing betties since you just have to crouch to avoid them. But still, so annoying, especially in a game of headquarters. It takes up my time by having to use perks I already finish the challenges for instead of wanting to finish up challenges I want to finish.

The target finder really is useful, especially for assault rifle classes. But I do find it as a cheap way to get easy kills.
The only time I use it is when I am desperate for Bloodthirsty medals to gold my AR's.

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