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Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post
I will say one advantage to apple is its app store. Way more variety IMO. Either that or people aren't downloading useful apps on google play so I don't see much useful stuff when browsing play store.
I doubt that there's any more variety. My guess is that Apple's store just does a better job of exposing users to interesting apps. I've never been impressed with Google's Play Store app (or Android Market before it). I just loaded it up, went to the Apps section and most of the recommendations weren't interesting to me. For example, one of the apps advertised was a diaper app--I don't have a baby--and another was for an NBA live wallpaper--I hate basketball. You'd think that Google, of all companies, would learn my tastes and bring apps to my attention which better meet my interests (ex. other apps from developers whose apps I've installed or apps that are similar to ones that I've installed).

In fact, I almost never use the Play Store app to find apps. I go to the Play Store when I already know what I want to install. If you haven't yet, you might try using websites to learn about apps, like the hundreds of "Top Android Apps" lists that you can find with a web search, app directory sites like, and and even just using the website, since it's a little easier and quicker to find interesting apps with that than using the Play Store app, itself.

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