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Originally Posted by Boltsfan2029 View Post
It may not make sense to you. And that's fine.

As you say, the players wanted his help, which was their first mistake. They weren't particularly looking for a fair deal, they were looking for revenge. Fehr had no interest in them or the NHLPA, yet he came out of retirement to handle this CBA. Why? Because he's concerned about the welfare of the players? They were at the peak of their lucrativeness (not sure that's a word but you get the point) and had the best revenue split of any sport in North America, IIRC. So, what's in it for him? The circumstance of players being more focused on revenge than getting a good deal, which gave him the opportunity to crush the owners and add to his legacy of changing the face of a sport - the way he did in nearly destroying MLB. And he's "using" the players because he's costing them every day while he continues his fight.

It's not the position he holds, it's how he will be remembered over the years, and here was a perfect opportunity to add to that lore. It's just sad to me that in that year he refused to negotiate because he had to familiarize himself with the product that he didn't learn that the NHL isn't MLB. It's not healthy enough, and it doesn't have a large enough fan base, to rebound if he burns it down. And while he may have another notch in his belt, the owners, players and fans could be left in the ashes.
Did you forget the part where before he was NHLPA Executive Director, he was working as an adviser for free? As in, wasn't getting a cent?

Did you also forget that this past year there was 'record revenues' after they burned it down 8 years ago?

The NHL players also had the best revenue split in pro sports...and tried to keep it that way. That's not the director sports was moving though, the NFL and NBA are all basically going 50/50.

You says what's in it for him is crushing the NHL owners, which isn't really a tangible idea. He has nothing to do with the owners, how would what happens to them affect him in any sort of way other than this 'legacy.'

He also didn't 'nearly destroy' MLB, that's the line people use when they reveal themselves to have no grasp for what the sport accomplished while he was working for the players within it.

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