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12-08-2012, 08:08 PM
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Originally Posted by QuietCompany View Post
This is fine and all but it's pointless and reckless now to turn on that decision as it would make their negotiation position weaker if they fire Fehr and bring in someone else.

They've lost money as is, you might as well stick to the guy who'll get you a deal that will be respectful at least rather than capitulating and going with someone who is going to accept something weaker. If a new PA leader comes in then I guarantee the NHL's next offer will be closer to that August offer than the current one.
As much as I think Fehr hasn't helped the PA get the best deal possible, they can't fire him without a deal getting done. Instead of getting rid of him, Fehr and the negotiating committee need to be told in no uncertain terms that the players want a deal done, and want to get it done NOW.

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