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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
And Clint Benedict in 1965. I don't think the order of induction says a ton, but I think it's a small feather in the cap for someone who was inducted before the mass inductions of the mid-late 60s.

As for Worters, yeah I do think it's a small negative. He just wasn't remembered all that much 20 years after he retired and I did rank Parent over him last round largely for that reason (and given the tiny margin in the final count, it did prove decisive). But to be fair to Worters, he was disadvantaged by never winning the Cup and for spending his NHL career with teams that folded before the Hall came into existence.
But that covers many HHOFERS from the early years - Cyclone Taylor and other PCHA greats, the old Ottawa Senators, Maroons, pre NHA players. Unless the fact that Frank Nighbour played a bit for the Leafs is a difference maker in his HHOF induction, your point about playing for folded teams is hard to understasnd.

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