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Originally Posted by I3ig13ig View Post
To everyone who doesn't feel like reading the last 8 pages. A summary:

At the beginning of the thread, an Avs fan stated they would maybe move RoR for a top pairing dman. Toronto comes along and offers Gardiner, a first year player who led all rookie dmen and led in hits, had 30 points with obvious top pairing potential, and then that same Avs fan said no? Was Shea Webber the expected return or something? Then there was just a couple fans who were just being disrespectful with responces and what not. Arguments ensued back and forth for a long time with no other really offers being made except for the last two or so pages.

Now, my analysis of Ryan O'Rielly:

I think that the Avs, while have a great talent in RoR, are overating him quite a bit.
a) He is unsigned.
b) He has only had one good season. Its not like he has been a consistant producer all his career.
c) His choice to take a 2 year contract is a potential problem whether anyone wants to admit it or not. You don't see any other unsigned RFA's signing multiyear deals in other leagues just because a contract wasnt hammered out before the lockout.

One fan offered Edler (Which I thought was ridiculous) and then it was replied with "Only if he is resigned." I'm sorry, but RoR, who by all means had a great season, is not worth a resigned top pairing, reliable and consistant dman like Edler. You know what youre getting with Edler. RoR has only had one good season. The rest were 26 points. Yes he is young, but until he puts up at least another season as good or better than the last, he will not command that kind of return from another team.

From the Oilers, while my fellow fans may not like it, I would offer:

Gagner + 1st Round Selection on 2012


Ryan O'Rielly + Joey Hishon + 4th Round Pick in 2012

That deal is contigent on there being no NHL season played this year.
I only say yes to this deal because you screwed up the years and ended up making it Gagner+Yakupov for Radar, Hishon, and... a 5'10" 2 way center prospect

change the years to 2013 and it's not close, especially if we use the same lottery system as last time (ie Edmonton ends up with a late first)

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