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12-08-2012, 08:53 PM
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Does the NHL commissioner need to be free from owners' control?

20 years ago, the office of NHL commissioner was proposed. The emphasis was to be on the growth of the game.

The idea proposed here was that an NHL commissioner should be “The Decider”, the tie-breaking third vote in a triumvirate with a president of the franchises and a union leader of the skating workers.

That Commissioner’s sole duty, his mandate, would be to further the best interest of hockey — not just the interests of the franchisees, nor just those of the laborers. He would be “The Protector of The Puck”. It would require the franchisees and the players to agree to submit to someone with irreproachable motives and judgement.
With current negotiations broken down without a restart date, that 20-year-old unimplemented blueprint is so obviously golden in hindsight that it ought to be the model for the future for this game, to prevent Hockey from remaining forever doomed to this vicious cycle of lockout, fan loss, lengthy recovery, followed by another lockout, alienating its fans on a too-regular basis.
Is the original ideal too idealistic to be realistic in the twenty-first century?

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