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12-08-2012, 08:54 PM
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Interesting discussion on 1290 this afternoon when I was on my way to get groceries. lawless was saying Ron has been Fehr's right hand man and the union WHIP in charge of keeping players in line and Gary mentioned a few of the players have said on occasion he can be heavy handed.....normally I would discount this as a troll job but Beyak who has credibility confirmed he heard similar. Dennis mentioned it's a thankless job but Ron does it well and is probably working towards one of the player VP rolls post career. They mentioned Snyder gets paid about $250,000 a year so it's not chump change although it pails in comparison to an NHL salary.

for those of you that missed it Ron was on "that's hockey" yesterday and did a very good interview describing how things went in the room with the six owners. he was pretty calm and rational as he recounted the meetings. most of the other players they were interviewing were out to lunch talking about how the owners rejected there offer in minutes and I wanted to say NO **** it's because the moderates pitched a bundled deal and you cherry picked the items they gave on and didn't follow through on your end of the bargain????? either way Ron had the cool head and seemed to want to keep plugging away.

I am pro TNSE and anti NHLPA but when its over it will be over and When Ron pulls his jets jersey back on I will be cheering for him just as much as any other Jet. on top of that we really need him in our top 4 because we have a big drop off after Ron IMHO.

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