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12-08-2012, 09:11 PM
Playoffs train wreck
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Originally Posted by TLinden16 View Post
Cam for sure.

I've considered starting Newton over Luck simply due to the high ceiling he presents. Freeman will grab 20 points but that's probably it. I can see Newton going off for 30 again.

Posted this earlier, still feel uneasy and unsure (I appreciated your response on it BGDDYKWL, you've been helpful each week!) I see Garcon as the hot hand, Moore as consistent production, and Jennings with the highest ceiling this week. I NEED the win to make playoffs. Both projected at 110 FP, although his Eric Decker missed his output slightly.

Pick 2
Garcon, Jennings, Lance Moore
Giants secondary is suspect so I'd pick Moore for sure. With nelson our Jennings has to be there as Detroit D is pretty bad too.

Who to start?

NYG vs Saints (and Brees)


GB vs Lions

Green bay DEf has been a letdown this year. They rarely sack, the INTs were down and they get scored on a lot. Giants are the best bet despite their secondary as they used to sack the opposing QB at least 2 or 3 times per game... but against Brees is the worst matchup possible...

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