Thread: Raptors Discussion: v.23: The Return of Kyle Lowry
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12-08-2012, 09:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Hyperglide View Post
Who was this post directed at? Or are you just generalizing the typical Raptors bandwagon fans sentiment from what you read on other message boards or on and Facebook or other social media, or was this at a specific member on these boards? You say 'You' a lot like this is directed at someone specifically?
I'm pretty sure he meant the proverbial "you". And I agree with his sentiments. The remainder of this rantis also based towards the collective message-board "you".

The "hive-mind" of message boards like this one and RealGM are way too in love with the idea of a young players. To altogether too many posters, a 17-year old that dominates college ball is more valuable than a 29-year old professional player. It likely has alot to do with the demographic that internet message boards cater to (that being males aged 16-22), but anybody below age-18 seems to get an immediate pass to being better than 30-year old guys that have spent 10 years in the pros. On hfboards, it's very evident. Every draft prospect taken in the first two years of the NHL draft are suddenly held in higher regard than a player that's played professionally for 5+ years.

I agree with Nemesis that people that preach about "blowing-it-up" really aren't aware of what they are asking for. They read online about a 17-year-old, and all of a sudden they are preaching two years of absolute misery to get him (Wiggins). EVEN if we do draft Wiggins....we would likely have another year or two before we could build a winning team around him. So we are looking at 4-5 years of misery before the team is successful. To a highschool raptors fan, this seems like a sweet plan. To people that are more mature in their outlook, this is not reasonable at all. We'd have a Bosh scenario all over again. Or worse yet, we'd have a GregOden/BrandonRoy scenario. Or EVEN WORSE, we won't win the lottery and we won get the guy we want. "Tanking" is an absolutely ridiculous strategy and anybody that mentions it is not worthy of my consideration.

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