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12-08-2012, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
Good on you... that's your opinion.

However everyone initially said the players were all united. Yet when there's 700+ players, that's not really realistic - as there's too many variables (age, past/future earnings, career, etc) for that to last for long. Then Hamrlik and Neuvirth spoke out (confirming what most have been saying - that the PA isn't 100% together), and everyone completely slams them. Then people wonder why others haven't spoken out, or claim that everyone other than those 2 are 100% behind Fehr and the PA.
Look I know you can't get 10 people in a room and have concensus let alone 700+.

But when you are in a union you DO NOT go public with concerns or differences of oppinion. You become involved in the process and make your oppinions heard while with your union brothers(and sisters) but not infront of management and in the media.

Fehr has said everyone is welcome, and I am sure all these guys can afford a plane ticket and a few nights in a hotel room, so why aren't they there?

If they aren't going to get involved then they have no right to step outside the union and ***** and whine to the media. As far as I am concerned they should have forfeited their union status as soon as they came out in public. BUt I am a bit of a hardass when it comes to this stuff.

Owners get fined for speaking about the lockout, and the PA should hold it's members to a similar standard.

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