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12-08-2012, 10:32 PM
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I don't believe I was really too out of line...

Originally Posted by Eskimo44 View Post
Petrell got saddled with the worst linemates on the team and was used as a defensive winger. He is a PK ace. I would caution against using stats to judge Petrell on as he really wasn't put in a position to succeed. Petrell is a 4th liner but he's a 4th liner who is physical, fights, can play up in the lineup, and is excellent on the PK.
I understand but you can look at these things to a degree with stats.
With the worst linemates, I did notice and showed how all of Petrell's linemates did worse with him than without.
It was same with goals for/against and corsi so even if you don't trust corsi, it still holds the same.
I also said that since it's his first year in the NHL, this should all be taken with a grain of salt.
I did not look at his PK and if he is a solid PK as a 1st year that can be promising.

Originally Posted by Eskimo44 View Post
Peckham is very underrated, he's got more potential than most on HF realize. Another PK ace he has the ability to be a Matt Greene type player who can double as an enforcer. People forget but Peckham is young and has had some very solid stretches of play. In his 1st season he played alot of the teams tough minutes with Gilbert and fared pretty well in doing so. I'd easily take Peckham over Clitsome. I think you are valuing Corsi far too much without considering things like the team Peckham played on or the role he played. Also things like his PK and enforcing abilities add a lot more to the equation than EV strength stats can account for. Peckham is very hard to play against and was a quality shutdown AHL defender, he's still developing.
I do consider role played... you can pull that out easily. Clitsome played for CBJ so I don't think being on a "weak team" helps Peckham's case.
Again, I didn't look at PK, but it's very rare for players to be actually solid at PK when they are weak at ES... as much as the layman's eye tells them otherwise.

I'm not really over valuing or over trusting statistics I don't think, and I think there is value in character also.
But, I think it can get overvalued too. I also think sometimes hard-working-but-inefficient guys get exalted as "character guys" as default since they don't have other abilities... also, if character, enforcer, etc. doesn't make the end results better, than are you really helping the team? (sorry but a bit tangent of my opinions).

All in all the deal is fair, and Clitsome certainly would be an upgrade over Potter, but i don't know if it helps Edmonton. Myself i would much rather see Eager moved over Petrell. And 3rd pairing small puck movers tend to be easily signed (Chris Campoli anyone).
Value wise it may be ok but I'd say it's still an upgrade for you guys, and a downgrade for us when looking at the whole picture. (We have some Petrell's in the system)

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