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12-08-2012, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by XX View Post
Are you somehow of the opinion that they should be forced to? There's already a high likelihood their lives are forever changed/ruined in certain ways by winning. I know I would have to legally change my name and basically disappear if it ever got out that I had that much money.
It's pretty funny. We bought a new car three years ago and my son asked if we had won the lottery (no we hadn't). I told no, but now we have a car payment. Then last year we bought another new car and he asked 'now did you win the lottery?' (no we didn't) and I told him 'no, but now we have two car payments'.

I didn't even know that lottery winners don't have to be named; but if it turns out the winner is one of my relatives and he doesn't tell me, I will not be thrilled about it. I don't care if the world knows who won, but if a blood relative won I really want to know about - especially if it's that cousin that keeps trying to borrow $60 - if that cheapskate won the lottery he can pay me the $300 he owes me now!

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