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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
Don't make me laugh Ferris, the Carolina Hurricanes "won" their division with 86 points in 1998-99 and were canon fodder in the first round, missed the playoffs in 2000 and lost in the first round again in 2001. That's not much of a impact before their Cinderella run in 2002.

How about this?

The fact that in 1996-97 and 1997-98 the Dallas Stars were 104 and 109 point teams? In 1998, the Dallas Stars scored 242 goals and made it to the third round of the playoffs before being knocked off by the cup winning Red Wings? In 1999, with the addition of Hull, they managed to score 236 goals, a difference of -6, and managed 114 points, a whopping 5 point improvement on the year before.

Hull was a big part of their cup run, but considering that Cujo came in and took us to two final four appearances and accounted for a 28 point increase in the standings, it's safe to say Cujo's addition was more of a game changer than Brett Hull.
That's why I called Hull and Francis more "Supporting Pieces". Hull joined a contender and helped them obviously. But he wasn't the focal point of the team like CUJO was when he joined the Leafs. CUJO's impact was massive on the entire organization.

Ferris looks awfully biased in his opinions. Francis really didn't do that much in Carolina. He joined them at age 35. He was a good player, but not at his peak anymore. In fact, they had their best year ever for their franchise the season after he retired when they won the cup.

There's no "revisionist History", CUJO in 1998' was seen as a massive UFA signing. He was loved in Edmonton was was fantastic for them.

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