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12-08-2012, 09:51 PM
Playoffs? PLAYOFFS!?
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I feel the same about Diaz as I feel about Penn. Outside the ring they're tools, but inside the ring they're warriors that you have to admire. Both of them got dominated tonight, but I still like them as fighters and I still think they're both tools.

I didn't see the rest of the card, but I tuned in in time to see the last 3 fights. McDonald, Gustafsson, and Henderson all looked great.

I was disappointed that Rory basically mailed in the 3rd round, when Penn was so badly beaten that he could have gone for a finish he played it safe. As for the showboating... well, if Rory had gone out and shown up a gentleman by doing the Ali Shuffle, I'd have been offended. But against Penn? Penn invites it. If Penn weren't such a dick, I'd be disappointed with Rory for doing classless antics in the ring. But since it was Penn... I have a hard time feeling too bad about it.

Gustafsson looked outstanding... but those tactics just won't work against Jones. I don't think Gustafsson can throw Jones down the way he did to Rua, and those knees to the faces were more or less a freebie that came from being 5 inches taller.

I love Nate Diaz as a fighter, and I also think he's a complete jackass. Henderson looked great tonight, I don't think there's much else to say about it. He completely neutralized Nate's boxing, and there were a few exciting scrambles on the ground but Benson was never in serious danger from Nate's submissions. Nate is terrific at what he does, but what he does just isn't a serious threat to Ben Henderson.

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