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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post

In a recent article, it stated that hockey is now the 2nd most popular team sport in Europe. And it kind of makes sense. Soccer/Football takes the cake as #1 but in many countries Hockey is above or right next to soccer in popularity. Russia/Sweden/Czech/Finland/Slovakia all have hockey right up there in #3, #2 or maybe even #1.
Hockey isn't the number 2 team sport in Europe. Its the number 2 team sport in regions of Europe. For example, basketball is far more popular in southern Europe than hockey (hockey really isnt even on the radar in the south). Europe has 700 million people. Its like saying hockey is the 2nd most popular sport in North America because its the most popular sport in Canada. Its a bizarre claim.

You named 5 countries; there are 47 countries in Europe. In the majority of those, it would be generous to hockey to say that it is a niche sport.

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