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12-08-2012, 09:57 PM
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Originally Posted by ScottyBowman View Post
This is why I believe a lot of this stuff from the media is planted by the owners so other players hear it and start to believe this malarky. Just look at the foaming of the mouth the owner groupies had when Bettman made that oscar winning speech.
Complete crap. There's 700+ players. Expecting all 700 to be 100% on the same page after missing 3 months of work is completely unrealistic. There's absolutely going to be decent in the ranks. Especially when the two sides are not really that far apart - despite what they say.

Agreement - on money and pensions. Agreement that contract lengths are needed (5 yrs vs 8).

Yes there's still major things to sort out, but if both sides really wanted to get a deal done, it's not unrealistic for it to happen in short order.

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