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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
So in the beginning, there's 31 players on the negotiating committee. Several players ask to be on it, however as there can't be 700 players on the committee, some are obviously left out. Or perhaps they cared, but trusted those on the committee. Now say that at first, most of the players supported the PA. They didn't like the NHL's offer and trusted Fehr and the PA to get a better deal.

Now 4-5 months later, it looks like the deal is more or less there. There might be some small differences, but the NHL isn't going to suddenly drop contract terms. Now the players have seen what the NHL has offered, and has listened to what Fehr and the PA executive have to say regarding those offers. Now their faith is shaken. Perhaps they don't feel that what little gains they might get is actually worth missing more games. Or that Fehr and the NC is fighting a dangerous game for the top 12% of the league.

I'm not sure exactly how much say a player who's not on the negotiating committee actually has. Perhaps many have *****ed... and the NC just doesn't care. They're still committed to Fehr's plan to fight as long as possible for every single right - regardless of the cost to retain those rights.

Basically, who's to say that players haven't been speaking up internally? I'm almost certain they have been. However if the response that Hamrlik received (a vet who's been here 3 times now), what incentive do others have to really speak their minds?

As for the NHL fining teams for speaking out, I fully support that. I'd have no issues if the PA put a gag order on it's players - however I don't think that's very realistic. There's 700+ players... someone would (as they are now) speak to reporters anomalously.
I thought there was upwards of 50 players in on the early meetings? Fehr has said all along anyone who wants to be in the room can be there.

Now maybe they might not all be on the negotiating committee but they had the opportunity to have their voices heard if they took the effort to go to the meetings.

Ofcourse these guy have been speaking out internally. But you have to get together with like minded people to become a large enough force within the union to be a major force. One or two guys beaking off about this and that is quickly ignored. Get 150 players who feel the same way and you might get some respect when you walk into the meeting room.

The players have put their trust in a union and they have to work within the union and allow the union to do the job it was formed to do. Going outside to the media to contradict the union is just wrong.

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