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Originally Posted by ajmidd12 View Post
Because Winnipeg was in the same financial strap that Glendale is, back then. The dollar was ****** at best, and no one wanted to own the team (with their own money, the powers at be did ask for a government subsidy, it was denied).

And Phoenix is last in attendance, what's your point?

Our arena has 15,005 who have purchased season tickets for minimum 3 years, with another 8000 waiting to get into that prestigeous club of owning season tickets. The same can't be said for the Coyotes fans, there just isn't enough of them unfortunately.
still only 15005 fans a game. which is still 25th in the league. and they can't be helping the league with tv contract negotiation as they are a tiny market.

what happens when the canadian dollar goes back to be worthless again? the real solution is to fix the system. not move teams around constantly.

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