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12-08-2012, 10:10 PM
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As the hockey season draws to a close, I have a few decisions to make. My team performed well this season, finishing 7th in the regular season and presumably 6th in the playoffs. I currently show as 10th in terms of OTS with 2 more teams within 1 OTS of mine. There will be 3-5 teams promoting that currently have a higher OTS than my team as well. My arena will hit 11,000 seats tonight. Here's the main items that I'm considering spending money on:

A RW. My RW4 is by far my weakest position on the team. Ideally I'll be looking to get a 900+ OR, 80+ EQ, 5+ CL, U-19 player to fill this spot. More OR could relax some of the other restrictions, but I'm not looking to add anyone over 21 and definitely no 3/6 players. I've been looking on the market, but have not been willing to spend 50M+ that many of these guys have gone for.

Invest in Arena. By the time the sponsorship offers arrive, I'll have the cash to upgrade another section to a max TFM. My plan during this season was to try to save enough cash to build two more max TFMs and taking a loan to make sure it happened. My team's surprising performance has kind of "spoiled" me into thinking that I could turn my team into a perennial playoff team if I spend money elsewhere.

TF-15. All of the teams higher than me in the standings have TF-15. This is something that I want to have sooner rather than later, but will not help me next season (due to the construction time). It would allow me to distance myself from the pack that I'm currently in over time. In order to compete in the long-run, I need this.

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