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Originally Posted by LeafsJacob8 View Post
One pathetic thing I recently learned about Facebook is you can take anyone account that you want as long as you have 2 friends willing to help out.

Facebook gives you the option if you 'forgot your email password' to have "3 trusted friends" have codes sent to them and then submitting all 3 to recover the account. Now, all someone techincally has to do is have 3 people start sending friend requests to people and you can have their account within minutes. It is honestly one of the dumbest things they could have added and I hope it gets removed.

Now that is a REAL security issue.
Really? that is pretty weird. I could make up 3 fake hotmail accounts and just use them to get the password of everyone I know?

Originally Posted by Morozov View Post
If you "delete" your profile then employers/people aren't going to be finding your pictures.

But yes the pictures aren't "gone", Facebook owns them.
Right, but what about the deactivate choice? If you put your account in that sort of "hibernate" status, is it still inaccessible to any random company/person in the interim?

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