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Originally Posted by Gump Hasek View Post
Just heard an interesting interview with Howard Bloom (Sports Business News). He was questioning why the NHLPA is so stuck on contract length beyond five years term, since given that only 12% of their membership is signed to deals beyond that length, it seems the balance of the league are being held out to protect only those most privileged few.

His view is that as many as 6 teams are on the brink of folding if no season is played this year, and he names them. Claims contraction is more likely to come versus relocation, followed eventually by the issuance of expansion franchises to QC & GTA.

12 minutes in length; the interview with Bloom begins at roughly the 1 minute mark. Click the play button located at the top left of the page - beside the headline. It gets really interesting just past the 10 minute mark.
that makes no sense at all. why would contract teams and then expand? this guy must be a complete moron. If a team goes bankrupt they can get out of leases and move wherever they want. what is gta? grand theft auto?

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