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Originally Posted by ScottyBowman View Post
Well I don't feel sorry for restaurants. If you have good food, people will go no matter what.
omg. Not true at all. It's all about who you cater to. If a restaurant caters to a specific crowd, and that crowd isn't there 2-4 nights a week... then they're going to experience some massive cash flow issues. It doesn't matter how good their burgers, fries and nachos are.

I try very hard to rarely eat out. Sometimes it happens, but for the most part I pack a lunch. However when I'm at work late, or have to go somewhere directly after work... I generally eat out. It's not a matter of how good the food is in any given location (the bar I go to regularly is a dive - but my friends and I love it there). It's the convenience of that location with what else you have going on that typically drives decisions.

Ate at a high end restaurant in Toronto when I was there for a Leafs game. Didn't really care where we ate, but that was a close convenient place, and we didn't have a lot of time to find another place.

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