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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
You open yourself to that criticism if you parade around your record revenues in the middle of recessions and choose not to give the whole story.
So doing good PR for the league and talking about how much the game is growing should be held against them in labor talks? How about we rely on the appropriate facts instead?

The point was that the last CBA - was by the owners' own admission - foolproof.
I don't recall any such admission by anyone. It was the deal that enough people on both sides thought was good enough at the time that it wasn't worth cancelling a second season. If you were only reading the headlines, getting a cap sounded good for the owners. Getting a cap at 57%, plus a cap floor, really indicates that the players negotiated hard and got a very good deal for themselves.

8 years later, they still have most of the same markets in dire straits, but it's still the players that are the problem.
Here's the thing about the bad markets v high salaries argument: you might be right that moving a bunch of teams to Canada would fix all the problems (although history suggests a mixed outcome at best), or even espouse contraction, but it's not relevant. The NHL has clearly made its mission to expand into the US and compete with football, baseball and basketball. It's never going to do that with 14 teams in the Northeast. And, like it or not, that expansion probably a big part of the reason why demand for the product has grown so high - even in good markets like NY and Boston, people are more likely to pay top dollar to see a league that's viewed as being on par with the NFL. That perception matters.

So if you're saying that players shouldn't be held to about the same salary structure as other leagues because a simpler solution would be massive relocation/contraction, you're advocating something that neither side in this negotiation wants. Neither the players nor the owners want to shift over to a league that isn't even trying to compete with the big US leagues, because that competition has helped fuel them to record revenues that make them all better off. Maybe you, as a fan, would rather cheer for a purer, more small-time game, but I don't see why that should influence your view of the lockout.

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