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12-08-2012, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
It doesn't mean they have to fall for it, it means they don't have to act like children and walk away from the table and get on the podium to spew their hypocrisy.

Also, the players didn't even know the rollback was back on the table hence the resignation of BG. Which is exactly why they want Fehr in there for the final push.

And this can be flipped right back because as I keep saying. The owners don't have to be stuck on five. Six or seven years and a small variance accomplish the same thing.

There is a huge difference between sticking to your guns and blowing your tops and making a spectacle of things, when you don't get your way.

Good leaders would have kept working through things and accepted Fehr was the man they had to negotiate with.

When you look at the leaders of the NHL, you don't have owners the caliber of the Rooney family, Kraft, Jones, Snyder, the Hunts, the Maras. True leaders who know that the shield means everything.

The NHL leaders continue to **** all over their shield, and for what? Three years?

That isn't leadership. Sorry.
So your telling me you'd just sit there getting nothing done then. You'd sit there waiting for one thing and two totally opposites happen and you try and negotiate something you are completely not prepared for, or don't want to do?

Leadership is knowing when things are so out of whack, and it doesn't matter what you say or do, nothing is gonna get done. You leave.

I find it kind of repulsive you don't see the issue there. It's the biggest waste of time and the owners knew it.

The NHLPA and players pissed off their best help entrenched in the owners group.


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