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12-08-2012, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by William H Bonney View Post
Can Golberg stop this changing of the guard stuff in regards to Penn/McDonald? A big 170 fighting a pudgy 150 doesn't constitute a changing of the guard.
I agree. MacDonald, like GSP is a big Welterweight. Not quite as thick as GSP, but very big. After rehydrating after the weigh ins yesterday, Rory probably was in the cage at 185-190 lbs. BJ was at 168. So, looking at a 3 inch plus 20 lb weight advantage.

Just physically dominated BJ. Would like to have seen Rory a bit more aggressive in finishing BJ in round 2.

Big 3 fights went pretty much as I expected.

Rory physically dominated BJ. Just too big.

Gustofsson beat a game Shogun. Shogun's cardio always seems to be hit/miss since joining the UFC. Kind of like BJ Penn. Never know if he is going to run out of gas sometime in round 2.

Henderson, I expected him to beat Diaz. He's just more solidly built than Diaz. At 155 lbs, being 5'9 and built like a truck is the ideal build. Rory is kind of like that too for the 170 lb division. 6'0 tall and solidly built, ala GSP at 5'11. Diaz is so tall and lanky that he doesn't appear to have much power in his punches. Just got beat to death with those kicks and take downs.

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