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12-08-2012, 11:10 PM
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Originally Posted by DuklaNation View Post
Salaries are an expense, last time I checked.
YOu said record expenses. Teams aren't spending more now on players salries than they were in 2004. There was 73% of revenue that went to players salaries in 2003-04.

So when you were talking about record expenses I naturally figured you were talking about travel, hotels, and other related expense which are easily well above the 2004 level.

MY last post clarified I was not talking about players salaries as part of the record expenses you were bringing up.

These other expenses if they were an issue with either side would have been brought up. They haven't. ergo Non issue.

Better things to talk about than this little battle of semantics.


And as for the players salaries the players agreed to 50/50 so again non issue.

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