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Originally Posted by chet1926 View Post
Well I hope Radar fans aren't getting used to him being around. Radar agent just gave him about the worst advice ever if he if wanted to be part of the Avs long term.

1 thing all agents should know about the Avs by now is you don't hold them hostage unless you want out.

They'll sign him and trade him, O'Reilly is as good as gone now that he pulled this stunt. Sorry O'Reilly fans.

It really bugs me that O'Reilly let one good year statistically go to his head. Now all of sudden he thinks he is big time and that he can hold out and make absurd contract demands. Let be realistic it would be hard to justify O'Reilly making more than Duchene. And hypothetically if he and his agent were asking for a similar dollar amount to what Duchene's contract is then a deal would have been made. Now with this signing its clear that O'Reilly was asking at minimum 4 mil per, probably more which would be absurd for one good year offensively.

I for one am not worried about it, hopefully O'Reilly will be traded for a quality young dman. Then next year you would still have Duchene and Staz in the middle. And hopefully by the following year Duchene will have proven proven everyone wrong, Staz will be Staz and then we could add Sgarbossa as the 2nd line center and put Staz and his defensively responsible self on the 3rd line.

Overall really disappointed with O'Reilly he made a terrible decision where its clear either he was fed bad info by his agent or he let his own arrogance get involved. Either way I expected better from him.
That was my initial reaction too but I've had a day to think about it some more and there are things that just don't add up for me. I think O'Reilly is too smart of a kid to make this kind of mistake (regardless of agent). What most likely has happened is that RoR signed a contract to ensure a FLOOR/MINIMUM of say ($3M or $3.5M) that he knows the Avs won't have a problem matching based on the negotiations from last summer.

RoR is just too much of a character kid, too much of a team-first guy to take a risk (no matter how slight) that the Avs would be pissed and leave him there while all the other NHLers come back from Europe. Can you imagine the lockout ends and everyone goes to the mini-camp but he stays there all while the rest of his Avs teammates are all excited about the season?

RoR has a GREAT situation going on in Colorado and there's no real reason for this to get ugly.

Originally Posted by JoemAvs View Post
I fear the worst.

The timing is just too messed up.
Why sign such a contract now? Did he know that this weeks negotiations would go the way they did?
Even if he did, there would have been no harm in waitingfor 3 or 4 more weeks until the season is cancelled and than sign that damn contract.
It just looks bad. Obvious powerplay move.
And the Avs don't respond all to kindly to things like that IIRC. I expect that he will not spend much of his next contract with the Avs (first few months only and than get traded for good value)

Why Radar why?

If Lacroix really ships him off , I just hope that we do not trade him to Toronto.....
Actually, the timing of this contract is probably perfect. As others and I have alluded to, the lockout is close to ending and apparently, O'Reilly's situation is going to need 10 days or so of paperwork to sort out before he can head over there.

I don't believe ROR will play even 1 game with that team. The lockout will end and he'll sign a good contract with the Avs. It might be slightly more than they were 'hoping' to pay but in the end, both sides will be happy with the deal.

Originally Posted by Drizzt1 View Post
Also, would be great if the official site could update us all, so rumor and innuendo doesn't grow.
Unfortunately, the KHL does NOT disclose salary information.

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