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Originally Posted by Imagine17 View Post
Yes saying he would dominate IS bold! Knowing the history of our farm teams I'd say making that big of a ppg jump is hopeful.

You should mention that those recent stats are in a league full of teenagers & while playing on a stacked World Junior team.

Its the system & not having good defensive prospects.

I guess we could all just wait and see how it all plays out if there is an NHL season
Of course they were against teengers, he was a teenager. Why do you think players get drafted where they do? Because a player who excels in a league while younger typically does so at each level.

His pedigree shows that more than likely , he was going to dominate the ahl also. And he was right on track. You think Schroeder is/was? lol

If Schroeder ever gets near a point per game in the ahl, its because hes played in it for 5+ years.

And when was the last time we had a top 10 pick on our farm team who stayed on course?

And what are we waiting to see? All i was trying to say is that his stats are something that should worry people, not saying that writes him off completely but its a huge worry. Its just not typical for a player with his tools to make it in the nhl while putting up mediocre numbers in the ahl. But im cheering for him and it can happen

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