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12-09-2012, 12:35 AM
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Haven't read through this particular thread, but I'm sure optimism isn't great right now. And I don't blame anyone after what happened Thursday. The rollercoaster this past week has been crazy. We first go from barely talking, to a players-owners only meeting that many speculated wouldn't do much. Then we hear it goes well. Next up, we hear Wednesday doesn't go according to plan and it's going downhill. Thursday we get more bad information. The suddenly we hear we're extremely close. Then we hear we're very far apart.

I think a deal gets done to save this season. In reality, they aren't that far away. Not far enough to cancel an entire season over. I don't like Fehr. I don't believe he cares if there is a season or not. I think he just wants to add "got a great deal from the NHL" to his resume. That could be the only way the season falls through.

I believe everything that was put on the table this past week will be put back on the table. When push comes to shove about cancelling an entire season of hockey, the NHL will make those assets available again. In my opinion, the NHL has bent enough to get a deal done. It's the PA's turn. 6 year max contracts, 10 year CBA plus what the NHL offered in their last deal which has been pulled off the table.

It will be interesting to see what side reaches out to talk to the other side. I have no idea what side that will be. The NHL feels like they've offered their best, and reaching out is doing no good because they have to wait until the PA is ready to offer more. At the same time, the PA feels like the NHL should reach out because the NHL ended talks, not them. Hopefully talks pick back up on Monday or Tuesday so we can get this going sooner.

Again, I'm not trying to be optimistic or pessimistic. This is just how I see the whole thing playing out. I could be wrong. I thought we'd have a deal by now earlier in the week.

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