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12-08-2012, 11:35 PM
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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
I hear you, but I'm a fairly solitary individual anyways. After college hockey and the first couple of years of staying in touch after college I really drifted from my old friends and its usually just me, my girlfriend whom I live with and my dog. The only people I hang out with with any regularity are my good buddy from home and my younger bro. So "events" like bdays are kind of looked forward to as a chance to have some fun. I guess I'm just getting old though and not used to the disappointment yet.

Overall, my days are filled with self reflection, phyical fitness, meditation and spending time with just me; I'm a pretty eastern philosophy influenced guy. Just got my hopes up for more today. Oh we'll, plans with just my buddy and bro tomorrow at our favorite local bar; should make up for it. In the meanwhile, I'll break out the johnny walker blue and quickly surpass our friend Matt Steccato. My names Matt too, lol
Let's all just get wasted from thousands of miles away and just talk on here
Well, I'm be on HF for the rest of the night so if anyone cares to chat, here I am!

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