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12-08-2012, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I wasn't being condescending. I even stated "with all due respect".

Sorry you took it that way. I mean what I said, its difficult to carry on a conversation if people think these two instances are similar in anyway. Even in your response you're trying to make a comparable about danger in the two cities? C'mon. Downtown Detroit is one of the worst places on the continent to be in.

I wasn't flaming, name calling, nothing. You're the one now calling me out on this so I suggest you relax.

Its a discussion, no harm, no foul.

You want to discuss this topic. Sure, you know I'll usually respectfully answer questions and debate.

I think if I find anything slightly aggravating its the notion that irresponsible and deplorable badly managed cities like Detroit and Quebec City are so often in these discussions being brought up as models of how or what we should do.

First and foremost I'm a fiscal conservative. I like that I happen to live in a city that is prudent about these things. But really thats the reason you don't hear about Edmonton going bankrupt. Right?

ps you called Edmonton's downtown a "hellhole". I don't much like it myself but you're looking for a reaction saying stuff like that. Go on C2E and say something like that there and see what occurs.
It could be for that reason...or, hear me out, could it possibly, just maybe have something to do with that stuff...what's it called again? Oh yeah, Texas Tea.

Pretty sure the black gold has something to do with Edmonton's fortunes, and are you telling me that Detroit or QC would be bankrupt if they had the same amount of natural resources that Alberta has? I doubt it. Just sayin'.

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