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Originally Posted by Imagine17 View Post
No duh! While OHL stats do show his progression just because he has done that in the past against teenagers doesn't mean that trend will continue in the pro game against grown men.

I'd have to disagree that he was on track to dominate the AHL & I never said I thought Schroeder was... don't put words in my mouth please..... I also think debating what might of happened is silly! lets base this off of ACTUAL facts/numbers.

You mean like his first stint in the AHL with the Moose?

We are waiting to see how he performs in the NHL. He could be taking the same route that Hodgson took & he could fail. We'll just have to wait and see
No that would be what we'd be waiting for if i suggested Schroeder wont make the NHL.

I never suggested that though. I suggested his current numbers/and growth rate (in offensive numbers) aren't up to par, given what he brings. If he doesn't crack 45-50pts, i'd be worried. Hardly does a player who is going to play in the nhl and rely on offense take 4 years to break that number.

And a player who gets drafted and has the pedigree hodgson does is expected by most to put up similar numbers at each league. More than often top 10 picks who are on pace, typically follow through.

I dont need to wait to see anything when it comes to players like hodgson. I dont need to wait and see how yakupov does either.

Some things common knowledge is enough for

Want to stick to actual numbers. Hodgson had more goals and more points in less games in his first full season before called up and has a MUCH better hockey resume/history of dominating. Top 10 pick worthy.

There ya go.

More facts?

Schroeder isn't in the NHL yet, why? his play and numbers show hes not yet there. Meanwhile Kassian and Hodgson who people compare to and say hes equal to when defending his play this season. Are both NHL players

But now im going in circles, which happens quickly on hfboards considering a new person comes in and responds.

Lets just wait and see how long it takes the undersized, mediocre scoring perimeter player to make the nhl. Im hoping he does but hoping its not next year because personally, i'd rather give arnott a shot and dont believe schroeder is ready

This is the oddest debate, since when is the person saying a soft undersized 40 point ahler in his 3rd year in the ahl such a sure bet and since when are we happy with that kind of production? maybe this teams lack of real talent is making people really reach and hope for these C rated prospects. (borderline b)

I guess i like the optimism

You'd think there owuld be people jumping on the fact that people are hyping this player up. Then again, the people who have the less optimistic view is usually looked at like the bad guy.

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