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12-09-2012, 12:36 AM
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As much as Avs fans want to play the innocent "we just want to keep our players and you guys are bothering us" card the fact is as a previous poster mentioned: this is a fantasy trade talk forum. You are not Sherman we are not Burke. This forum is for legit rumours or to discuss perceived value.

Despite claims of Avs fans saying "no thank you", that didn't happen with the majority. Many started with the sarcastic comments and act like RoR is in another league of value compared to Gardiner. I agree he may hold a bit more value but not something a little + wouldn't even out.

Many are saying Gardiner is overrated yet some Avs stated how they only want to trade him for OEL, McDonagh and MAYBE Subban. Then one poster said they'd even be disappointed if ROR was traded for Crosby.

Bottom line, if your not interested in Gardiner, fine, but don't act like te value is not even close then complain we overrate our players and lowball Avs fans in deals and act innocent on top of it to boot.

Ps: "The" Bozak had 47 points last year. RoR had 55. Don't try to tell me Gardiner and Bozak isn't fair value. The Bozak and a 2nd joke is stale, get some new material boys.

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