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Originally Posted by blinkman360 View Post
That's pretty amusing. You are aware that Hemsky has only eclipsed the 20-goal mark twice in his career(high of 23), while Moulson has put up 30 or more for three years straight(30, 31, 36)?
Yes, I am completely aware of this. Not sure why you're assuming that goals makes a player better.

Not to mention guys like Okposo and Grabner who are clearly better players than Hemsky at the moment.
Not even close. Hemsky's really only had one mediocre season in his career and it was his most recent season. Even with Hemsky's disaster of a season by his standard, his PPG eluded to 42 pts, which is only 3 less than Okposo over an 82 game season and 9 pts ahead of Grabner. I'm not sure what makes either of them 'clearly better players' when they haven't proven to dominate at a level Hemsky has his career.

Even in a down year for Grabner last year, he still had twice as many goals as Hemsky.
And what exactly is your point? Goals are the only tool to compare forwards? I'm sure you also though Grabner was a superstar after his rookie season and that he was a top 10 NHL player due to his goal totals.

I really don't know what is worse... saying Hemsky is a better player than Moulson, or a kid who has never played an NHL game in Yakupov.
Hemsky is easily the better offensive talent than Moulson. Moulson is probably a 30g scorer on any other team in the league, but Hemsky's career PPG blows away Moulson's.

Hemsky: 0.77 PPG
Moulson: 0.66 PPG

And this is to mention that Hemsky's played his prime year with garbage linemates. He is not a superstar, but I think he is capable of being a top tier playmaker in the league.

As for the Yakupov comment, I obviously included him assuming we are considering future upside.

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