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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
I don't think he's preventing the players from making their voices heard... I think he's just ignoring those that don't agree with his philosophy/agenda. The only way something will happen is if more and more players start voicing their opinion in such a way that Fehr can't ignore it. That doesn't mean they have to go public. But those that are not happy need to be very vocal about it internally if they want things to change.
I think it's naive to suggest Fehr is "ignoring" opinions he doesn't like.

Take a look at the contract Fehr offered last week. Does that look like the kind off offer that was made by someone who's got a personal agenda?
He's obviously got some sort of pulse of the PA, or he wouldn't be offering major concessions in every area. I personally believe that if the players gave Fehr the OK, he'd have demanded the end of the salary cap on the very first offer. But he's listening to players.
Players constantly say they'll give up this or that to play. So Fehr is making offers that give up this or that.
He's not given up 100 percent of what the owners wanted. But he's about 95 percent there.

The NHL had their little stunt last week and they got Goodenowed for $100 million that they'll have to leave on the table when this is settled in two weeks.

So the question now is, what else will the NHL give up to get 5 year contracts? Or, will they compromise at 7 years.

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