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Originally Posted by AfroThunder396 View Post
As a Devils fan, I can't see why people are calling the Rangers chokers. It seems like everyone was expecting Lundqvist to be in God Mode from the first round and not allow a single goal for two months, and when he doesn't live up to those outrageous expectations the team gets branded as losers. Doesn't make sense.

Just because you don't win the Cup does not make you a choker. Despite what their records say, New Jersey was the better team in the ECF. DeBoer was able to find weaknesses and exploit them, that's it. Lundqvist let in a few he might want to take back, but so did Brodeur. Whatever. Someone had to win the series. The Rangers aren't choke artists.

The Rangers are damn good, but they have their flaws like everyone else. I've been saying this for a few years now - they're VERY good, but they don't scare me. I look at the team and nothing jumps out at me screaming 'Holy ****, better watch out for these guys!' That being said, I take them over St. Louis.
You know this lockout is getting bad when Devils fans start defending and siding with the Rangers.

I think a STL-NY match up would be a matter of who cracks first and who makes the bigger mistakes at pivotal moments. I don't know much about St. Louis so I can only really speak about the Rangers here. On paper, yes, the Rangers may look stacked to the teeth with our top line and a pretty decent supporting cast, but us Ranger fans who watched them night in, night out can attest to how painful it was when Gaborik and Richards didn't immediately click and put up godly numbers. The defense can be suspect at times (see: Del Zotto, Girardi despite how much people love this guy, bottom pairing now that Sauer is pretty much done with hockey) and when the offense isn't clicking, it really isn't clicking. We'd be lucky to see them muster 1-2 goals across 2 games. This is usually because the bottom-6 are having problems doing much of anything and fall back on dump-and-chasing without properly backing that plan up (flimsy forecheck, little/no pressure). That's when we'd need Lundqvist to shine and keep us in those hard-to-score games. A Rangers win hinges on Gaborik's health and how Nash/Halpern/Pyatt effect the line up and chemistry. I won't even mention Asham because he would be benched for the entirety of playoffs.

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