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12-09-2012, 02:21 AM
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Originally Posted by TimeForAnOilChange View Post
It could be for that reason...or, hear me out, could it possibly, just maybe have something to do with that stuff...what's it called again? Oh yeah, Texas Tea.

Pretty sure the black gold has something to do with Edmonton's fortunes, and are you telling me that Detroit or QC would be bankrupt if they had the same amount of natural resources that Alberta has? I doubt it. Just sayin'.
Detroit and Michigan have had huge economies that would dwarf anything ever seen by a Canadian province. But a car industry that has chronically been so backwards thinking it was still building relative gas gussling edsels while Asian and Euro imports took hold of the entire game for awhile and requiring a massive unprecedented bail out of the automakers that has rarely been seen to that scale in history. The american auto industry was pathetically outdated for decades and thats all on them.

If one looks at the amount of civic, state, and federal debt, and combine the massive bailouts its bloody amazing howmuch one City, region, state has cost US confederation. If you just took all that money and stuck it under a pillow the region would be better off.

Detroit has fairly deserved everything its got. Basically what happens when you don't have a clue how to run your main industry and lose what was your world market to lose. Detroit had such a huge headstart advantage in the auto industry and entirely squandered it. Basically the keynote tale of how the US has failed in world industry and with most of that story still waiting to come.

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