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12-10-2003, 04:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Edge
at this stage i would personally advice against taking him out of college. unless he simply explodes the next 30 games, i really think he needs more time to mature physically and with his game.

he's very coachable but he just has a lot of work to do. he's honestly not my first choice for that 12th pick and i think when all is said and done he's going one way or the other. i see him as either a 30 goal, 70 point power winger or i see him as chris wells. i just can't see a middle ground. some kids you can kind of split the difference, i just think this pick is going to be hit or miss.
first just to make sure i was clear, the idea of him leaving school early does NOT mean him making the jump to the nhl, it would mean him going to hartford and playing a year or 2 there...

I think one of the biggest factors will be the fact that he goes to dartmouth...there are some huge advantages to a kid staying in school all 4 years and if he was playing for michigan or minnesota or another top program there would be little arguement against letting him stay. but how much is he going to progress at dartmouth given the level of competition in the ECAC??

would he really benefit more from 2 more years at dartmouth rather than 2 years in hartford?? or what about 1 more year at dartmouth and then a year in hartford??

i'm all for being patient with the kid, especially considering the fact that most power forwards are late bloomers, so i have absolutely no problem waiting but i still think you have to weigh the options cause you don't want him 'wasting' his time in school if there is another option that he would benefit from more

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